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Nowadays, stress goes hand-in-hand with us wherever we go, especially while we are at work. This makes us frustrated and nervous, affecting our daily life and productivity. Due to all this stress, we are restless and cannot manage to calm down. Yet, relaxation is the only factor we need in order to unwind and regain the inner calmness we possess. If fact, once we go to sleep in such a stressful state, we are bound to wake up renewed and regenerated, feeling the positive effects of resting.

The Relaxing, Deep Sleep

Once we enter our deep sleep stage, we are completely devoted to resting. In fact, we do not even dream at this point. All that happens here is total body and mind relaxation and restoration of our previous balance.

This stage of sleeping lasts for only 15 minutes. Nevertheless, it is incredibly positive and desirable for us. Luckily, there are skills and disciplines which can allow you to prolong this period and make its effects even more prominent. Urja meditation is the name of this wonderful technique and it can provide our body with relaxation, anger management, frustration removal and many other positive effects.

The Urja Meditation

Urja is a Hindi word, standing for “energy”. Based on deep, yogic breathing and focusing on deep exhales, this technique clears out your mind, making you feel better and more capable of overcoming many of your difficulties, both physical and mental. Since we tend to pile up many different layers of frustrations and anger, as well as some other negative emotions, Urja meditation dissolves these layers, letting our body and mind breathe freely, unobstructed by these problems.

The Inner Cleansing

In order for Urja meditation to be completely successful, you must practice it in a secluded, peaceful environment, with no one to bother you once you enter your state of peace and tranquility. Once you manage to do this, you will immediately feel relaxation, bliss and an increased flow of energy, rushing through your body.

This technique turns off the little voices in our head making us worried and, thereby frustrated. Additionally, it boosts our concentration and creativity, improving our awareness and bettering our eyes, lungs and our digestive system, through the above mentioned breathing exercises. Urja meditation is also very beneficial to health of our glands.

Urja meditation is performed while special music is playing and can be done alone or in a combination with other techniques. All in all, it is a technique of self-recognition and self-healing, as well as self-improvement.

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