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Modern Burdens

Living in these modern times we find ourselves in, has manyadvantages regarding technological and scientific breakthroughs. However, allthese innovations have increased the speed of our life, and our daily expectancies have gone sky high, exposing us to enormous amounts of mental andphysical pressure at work and in life. This all comes with a price. The priceis stress and anxiety we get affected by. These give birth to numerous otherproblems we may experience on both our physical and mental plan, leading tovarious health problems, some more serious than others. Therefore, if we are tolive a long and healthy life while still managing to fulfill all our dailyobligations, we need to learn how to slow down and relax from time to time. Forthis reason, the following lines will provide you ways of calming yourself invarious situations.

The Fits and the Treatments

First comes anger; this state of mind can be quite damagingboth to the person affected by anger and the people around him/her gettingexposed to the uncomfortable outbursts of this feeling. Anger can lead to manysocial and communication problems, since emotions expressed by anger are oftennegative ones, presenting the person expressing them as an evil or cruelperson. Thus, other people often avoid angry and bitter individuals and hardlyever tolerate them, this leading to conflicts and more anger in the process.Thus, it is an unwanted feature of your personality since it can because youheart problems along with many other complications.

So, upon experiencing excessive anger accumulations,try to breathe deeply and relax, removing all epicenters of tension and angerin your body. Counting from 1 to 10 or vice-versa is known to help as well.Establish self control and force positive feelings and attitudes in yourself andyour psyche. Finally, upon feeling an anger outburst about to happen, avoidother people and wait until it passes, doing stretches or some other physicalexercises.

Panic and anxiety attacks are next. These too are quitecommon and may be rather disturbing in the long run. Introducing exercises inyour life can help you cope with stress and anxiety better. Also meditation,yoga and tai-chi are also recommended relaxation techniques. Again, you need tostop and question yourself, asking whether these problems you are faced withare worth your health and well being. Of course, they are not, and you shouldfind time to relax and reward yourself for all your triumphs, toleratingfailures and accepting them as motivation. Finally, you can only benefit fromhaving a well-balanced diet, not drinking excessively, especially when alcoholand coffee are concerned and finding ways of relaxing yourself. The latter canbe achieved through doing activities you like and enjoy.

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