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Anger and You

Anger can come when you least expect itto affect your life. Then, you have to know how to control it or itcan lead you in quite a few unwanted situations, making peoplequestion you without knowing your true side. Anger, being an instantemotion, is often provoked by certain things. However, it can also bedirected to those who had nothing to do with it. Thus, for keepingyour head cool and the people around you happy and satisfied, youneed to learn some anger management techniques.

How to Deal with Anger?

First of all, you have to be prepared.For this, it is best to write a list of things which make you angry.Putting things down on a sheet of paper is a great therapeuticmeasure, since you will let yourself know and control all of thethings which can cause negative emotions to blast out of you. Avoidgetting in the situations from the list.

Next, if you have anger problems, youprobably know how it feels when it gets all over your body. Forexample, you might clench your fists, start sweating or shaking, getred in the face, raise your voice etc. Know these things so that youcan stop before it is too late, by applying some self-control measures.

How to Counteract Anger

Having good tactics is crucial foranger management. Stay positive regardless of the information youreceive. When something bad happens to you, understand it and dealwith it in a constructive way. Solve the problem instead of spendingtime slamming the bowl once the milk had already been spilled.

Alternatively, whenever you are likelyto get engulfed by anger, get out. Leave the room and go on a timeout. Then, get hold of yourself and, before you get back in theprevious situation, channel the anger in a most positive andconstructive way. Sometimes, given some time, the problem may deflateand become less significant and easily solvable.

Also, you can try to divert your mindfrom the object of anger. Listen to some music, indulge in yourhobbies or take a nap. Do whatever you need in order to gain controlover your emotions once again.

Finally, being assertive and capable ofrelieving yourself of stress is crucial. Know how to communicate withpeople safely, tolerating their drawbacks and appreciating theirvirtues. Also, know what you want and how to work to get it, causinga win-win situation. Practice different situations which can make youangry and think about the best strategies for avoiding anger gettingthe best of you.

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