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May Your Coolness Cool Other Down

There are people who are prone toexploding in bouts of anger, going all out on whoever crosses theirpath. These people usually have certain problems and cannot controltheir emotions. Even though they should not be doing this, sometimesyou will be facing them and be in a position of being a part of acollateral damage their anger leaves behind.

In such cases, staying cool is theright thing to do. Many times, your positive attitude can help otherpeople cope with their anger better. The following pieces of advicemay help.

Reduce Other People's Anger

Since anger is a temporary state, butis, nevertheless, very contagious, you must react to it withcalmness. Thus, whenever someone explodes in anger, be there torespond with completely the opposite, calmness, serenity andunderstanding. Keep in mind the way you are supposed to react withand use positive reinforcement each time you are facing an angryindividual.

Next, when facing an angry person, showhim/her that you understand the way he/she is feeling. Do not judgethis person. Rather, rationally, try to cool this person down and lethim/her express the emotions causing the anger in the first place.

Of course, you are supposed to listenbefore reacting. Thus, be a good listener before analyzing theproblem. Let the angry individual share his or her problems with you. Then,take some time to understand them and show that you care by helpingthis person.

Body language plays an important role.You should not be submissive, nor should you present yourself asdominant. Rather, be on the same level with the angry person. Ifhe/she is sitting down, do the same. Also, if the person seems to bestanding up, follow his/her lead. However, make sure you are safe,while not jeopardizing the other person as well. Make a friendlyatmosphere, cooling things down. Still, if all else fails, have a planB, leaving a place for you to escape. Also, wait until the person haslet all of his/her anger out, before reacting to it.

Finally, react with your own feelings.Let the other person feel how he/she is making you and others feel.For example, say something like “Your anger is making me feel angrytoo, and this is not going anywhere” or “I am feeling upsetright now, feeling scared because you lost your temper”. This willlet other people know that they have gone too far, without misjudgingyou.

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