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Anger and Hostility at Work

Sometimes, at work, you are asked to do more than you possibly can in an atmosphere which usually mostly resembles a battlefield, rather than giving your best in perfect conditions. No tolerance from your boss or superiors, constant competition for your working place, jealous co-workers, under-appreciation and many other issues may easily make you angry and frustrated the moment you enter your workplace. You are bound to be even more hostile in such an environment if you are encountering personal problems in your marriage, family or other aspects of life. In all these situations, you are likely to burst out, irritated by an even slightest provocation coming from anyone in the office.

This, however, is bad, both for you and for the people around you. It is best to avoid conflicts whenever you can and try staying calm, rising above the situation. After all, you do not want to lose your job due to your lack of anger management.Keep the Anger Away

Avoid people who are likely to cause conflicts. So, if you are being provoked by a co-worker, leave the room politely and go, grab a cup of coffee, sit down, breathe deeply and relax. No one deserves you losing your calm, especially not at work. Therefore, rise above these conflicts, for your own good.

Next, think about your anger since you may be the only one causing it. Find the root causes behind your anger and frustrations and deal with them, rather than lashing out on someone who does not deserve it. Once you learn more about your anger and its triggers, you can prevent the outbursts by recognizing the symptoms of you losing your temper and reacting timely.

Spend time near positive, friendly co-workers, since they will help you relax. Also, make sure that you have slept enough the previous night, since fatigue can make your fuse short. If problems at work make you angry, direct that anger towards solving them. Your health is much more important than the mistakes made at work. So, resolve the issues without losing your temper and becoming counter-productive.

Exercise in your free time. This will help you get rid of the negative emotions bothering you. Also, your body will produce feel-good hormones which will make you less moody, helping you cope with the next day like a professional you are. Yoga and meditation can help you control your anger as well.

Finally, if your anger manages to get the best of you, regardless of your efforts, seek professional help through counseling with psychologists or mental health professionals.

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