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Nobody likes to feel angry and irritated and we all know how unpleasant these feelings can be. Each one of us has experienced these emotions, but there is a difference between us in how often we let these feelings overwhelm us. There are some people who get angry often and on the other hand, there are those who rarely experience this negative feeling. We get angry due to different reasons and not everyone will become angry in the same situation. Anger is a normal reaction, but when controlled. When, a person can't control the anger, it can lead to dysfunctional behavior.
Why should we control anger?
Anger is not always negative. Looking from the perspective of evolution, this emotion helped us to develop and to use the sources that the nature has offered us. But when it comes to personal life, uncontrolled anger can only cause problems. Our relations to other people are often spoiled due to anger. In those cases, we often feel guilty and wonder if we had to react that way. Uncontrolled anger can escalate so greatly that someone can even physically hurt people in their surroundings. Anger can also significantly affect our health.
Avoiding anger will lead to anger control. In order to avoid anger, you must think clearly without letting the emotions overwhelm you. When you always have in mind what the reasons that caused you to be angry are, and when you think about them in a rational manner, your anger will probably go away quite fast. You can also try to count from ten to one when you feel very angry. Other things that can help in these situations are to breathe deeply or to get out of the situation. When you react like this, you will realize that you are in the control of your emotions.
Ways to control anger and stress
Stress is always the main reason for anger and irritation, and when you learn how to cope with stress effectively, you will definitely learn how to control your anger. You can always talk to someone to whom you trust if you can't deal with these emotions effectively. Talking will help you ease yourself and you might get good advice. There are also professionals who can help you reduce the stress and avoid anger. Humor is probably one of the best ways for reducing stress. Use humor even when you don't feel like it and it will help you see things in a different light. It is also important to think in a positive manner and do some meditation. After following given advice, you will be able to completely control your anger.

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