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Emotions and Our Health

Even though we, as a rational societyof human beings, often consider emotions irrelevant, especially inthe modern times of monetary madness we all live in, this has anegative effect upon our body. Ancient Chinese medicine bases all ofits knowledge upon the fact that all suppressed emotions get storedinside some of our organs, causing harm. The major emotions are fear,sadness and anger. These three negative emotions, when not let out,dwell inside us and our organs, causing numerous health problems inthe long run.

Basically, Chinese medicine believesthat anger rests in the liver, fear in the kidneys, worry in thespleen, grief and sadness in the lungs and many other emotions affectthe heart, triggering depression. Thus, we should not suppress ourfeelings and emotions. Rather, we should let them out whenever theyoverwhelm us.

Surely, it is not alright to cry inpublic, when the occasion is not appropriate. However, you mayexpress sadness when you are alone, letting it all out of your body,feeling better afterwards. Channeling emotions is crucial for ourwell-being. Letting them reside within us can only cause us harm.

How to Know When We've Had Enough

Our body can show us how full ofsuppressed emotions it is. Thus, when we start experiencing stressand anxiety, it is obvious that we are frustrated over something. Weneed to pinpoint the cause of our frustration and let it go. Often,when we question ourselves about the fear we are feeling, it gets tothe surface, we understand it, express it and feel better.

Irritation is a sign of suppressedanger. Often, when we pile up anger within us, we tend to explodewhen we least expect it. This, of course is bad and all anger issuesshould be peacefully resolved before getting out of control.

Thus, we need to listen to our body andour mind, since we often overlook our feelings and leave them aside.Then, however, the things get worse and we either get sick or expressour emotions in a wrong, counter-productive way, indulging intonegative activities.

One of the best ways of channelingemotion correctly is through psychotherapy, meditation or some ofmany energy treatments like Qigong energy healing, which is atraditional Chinese therapy designed for balancing emotions andhelping people learn how to cope with different feelings.

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