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Through each and every day in our lives, we get exposed to stress. However, some people use stress as a motivator, helping them achieve more. This kind of stress is beneficial for us in certain situations. Yet, the other kind of stress, making us excessively anxious and nervous all the time, interfering with our sleep patterns and other factors in our life is not a good kind of stress. On the contrary, this stress can lead to development of illnesses.

Anger and Stress – a Link

Truly, we cannot possibly remove all stress from our lives. Nevertheless, we can try and remove a greater part of it, through following the right methods for stress release. Usually, anger gives birth to stress we are feeling. Thus, if we deal with this anger, stress will be gone from our lives as well.

Basically, we base our lives on getting the crucial things we require for living. Food, shelter and companionship are the three basic requirements a human being has. In fact, animals behave the same way. Unless we have these factors present in our lives we are bound to be stressed out. We spend our entire lives working hectically in order to provide these. On the other hand, we humans tend to have desires related to objects and possessions we do not actually need, like expensive cars, houses, jewelry and other luxury items.

Stress Manifestation

Our stress usually gets manifested through anger. The excessive pressure we endure piles up within us and, unless we let out some steam we are going to get overwhelmed with frustrations and explode sooner or later.

Even though some people believe that anger and stress are hereditary, this is not necessarily the case. Namely, the child may observe their stressed and angry parents and become such him/herself.

How to Control Anger and Stress

First and foremost, you need to accept the fact that you have anger problems. Realizing what the problem is can be crucial in your battle against it. Thus, before moving on to the next step, make sure you define your troubles and frustrations.

Then, channel your anger through exercising and physical activity. This healthy process, especially if you opt for cardio exercises, will allow you to express your anger physically and get rid of it.

Relaxation and Hobbies

Sometimes, all you need is to stop and take deep breaths. There will be situations where you will not be able to exercise in order to remove your stress. Then, sit, relax and take deep breaths, chanting some relaxation words optionally.

Finally, indulge into your hobbies more often and do activities you enjoy. Also, high expectations may lead to stress and frustrations. Thus, have realistic goals in your life and enjoy everything you have achieved.

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