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When Does Anger Become A Problem?

We all experience anger from time to time and no matter what the cause of that anger is, it is not a pleasant feeling and it negatively affects our health (and potentially the health and wellbeing of the people around us). However, most of us are able to overcome this emotion without any long-term serious consequences. On the other hand, there are some individuals who are unable to control their anger. Here we will reveal some of the facts associated with anger and medicines that are used to manage this disruptive emotion.

Sometimes anger can be good when it motivates you to perform a beneficial activity, but it can lead to unwanted consequences more often. Today we have different medicines for those who can’t seem to overcome their anger easily. There are also some methods for anger management that don’t include medications and that are very helpful.

Pathological anger is the kind of anger that causes you to physically or emotionally hurt yourself or others, and which you cannot control. This kind of anger can disrupt all areas of your life, from your professional life to your social and home life, and can cause all your important relationships to break down. If your anger makes you do things you later regret, it may be time for professional help.

Medicines that are used for anger control management

Medications that are usually used for controlling anger are antidepressants, such as Prozac, Zoloft or Celexa, and anxyolitics (anti-anxiety medications). These drugs must be used with the supervision of a psychiatrist or a family doctor. A doctor will tell you whether to use these medications or not and what dosage of the drug is required. Drugs may be prescribed when nothing else seems to help in controlling your anger, and talk therapy (anger management classes) will be a first treatment option. Doctors frequently prescribe placebos, drugs that have no pharmacological effect, but patients think they do, and these medications can sometimes really help.

What are other techniques for anger management?

It is very important to know that your mind and body are connected with each other. When you decide to treat your mind, you should also treat your body and vice versa. Psychological problems that you might have can have great impact on your body, as well as physical conditions and changes affect your mind. So when you want to undergo a treatment, you should treat both, the mind and the body.

When it comes to anger, it can be triggered by physical changes in the brain like in those individuals who suffer from epilepsy. Other cause of frequent anger discharges can be traumatic events form the past. No matter what the reason for poor anger control is, there are some exercises that can help and these exercises can be combined with medications, if needed. Counseling can also be very useful when it is necessary to reveal where the anger comes from. Individuals who have problems with anger management have anger outbursts that give them physical strength, but in those moments they are not able to think clearly. These anger attacks can exhaust a person both, physically and mentally. That is why, it is important to treat your anger and, as you have seen, there are various ways to do that. It is up to you to decide what kind of treatment you want.

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