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Edible seeds and beans might germinate and then they become the sprouts. Soy beans, mung beans, lentils or kidney beans need a little bit ofwater, some oxygen and couple of days time, before they germinate into thesprouts.

There are several processes going on in the beans whilegerminating, all increasing the nutritional value of the sprouts several times.Beans brake down complex fat, proteins and starch into simpler and easier touse components. Simple fat and sugars and amino acids, coming from proteins areresponsible for some of the benefits of sprouts.

Also, the process and transformation from the seed to thesprout causes production of completely new nutrients. Another very important processis the transfer of many minerals to different parts of the seed.

Health Benefits

As the regular or just addition to your regular saladsprouts can make you healthier.

They can be eaten raw and help your digestion. This greensalad addition is completely organic food, and it doesn’t need any chemicalproducts to grow. Because of that, sprouts are 100% toxin-free.

Expose your sprouts to some sun and they will be evenbetter. After some time on the sun, they will contain chlorophyll, proven verybeneficial to human health.

There is no ordinary green salad that is so filled withminerals, vitamins, proteins and fibers as are the sprouts. Plus, proteins fromsprouts do not have any side effects (opposed to artificial powder proteins forbodybuilders).

People trying to lose some weight should opt for this salad,since it doesn’t have many calories, fats or cholesterol, but contains abundanceof proteins and essential fatty acids.

Sprouts are believed to help maintain good health andpreventing potential health problems. Antioxidants from the sprouts might evenbe helpful in prevention of cancer and other severe medical problems.

Nutritive Sprouts

The most commonly used sprouts are mungo beans, kidneybeans, lentils, soybean, pea and alfalfa sprouts.

A 100g of any of these sprouts contain high amount of water(more than 62% and some even 92% of water). Sprouts are really low in calories,and might be used to maintain healthy weight.

Another good thing about sprouts is that they contain plentyof proteins. Actually, they have more proteins than some kind of meat.

Sprouts do not contain much fat and they won’t burden yourdiet with carbohydrates, also.

These little green plants can provide plenty of highlyappreciated minerals and vitamins for your body. They are rich in magnesium,calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Sprouts are also full of vitamins,especially vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, thiamin, pantothenic acid,riboflavin and niacin.

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