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This is a name for a plant that has very long roots, which are sometimes long even twenty to thirty feet into the ground. This herb has these long roots since it needs some minerals that can only be located at this depth. The name used for this plant means "the father of the plants" in Arabic language. This herb has great levels of vitamins and nutrients in general, which will promote a healthy body. Also, the bones will benefit since they can became much stronger because of many nutrients that it contains. Some of them are zinc, iron, carotene, potassium, calcium, vitamin K, E, C, B6, B1, A, and also several important proteins. You can consume tablets, leaves and seeds made from this herb.

Benefits of Alfalfa

Alfalfa is used for many centuries in China, especially for medical problems. Alfalfa has a considerably high amount of trace minerals, it is maybe the richest among herbs. This herb is just a wonderful remedy, with many nutrients essential for human body. The benefits that come from the use of alfalfa are the following: it is helpful in curing whooping cough, stroke prevention, decreasing the levels of cholesterol, bowel, liver and blood cleansing, nourishing the urinary, glandular, skeletal and digestive system, curing arthritis, treating auto-immune disorders, relieving swelling and retention of fluid and treating problems with kidneys.

Uses of Alfalfa

We have mentioned that alfalfa has a very high amount of various nutrients that our body requires and it will greatly benefit from the use of this herb. The bones will become stronger because of the minerals located in the alfalfa, and even arthritis can be cured with the use of tea made from alfalfa. It can also cure diabetes, since it can reduce the levels of blood sugar that affect diabetes.

Another medical problem that can be eliminated with the use of alfalfa is the kidney stones, since they can be dissolved with the help of vitamins E, C, A and zinc found in the alfalfa. They can be obtained in the alfalfa sprouts and powder. Balding and hair loss can be treated with this herb, too; just mix juice of alfalfa and the lettuce juice and carrot juice in the exact amount, and drink it daily. This combination will have the effect we have previously mentioned.

Side Effects of Alfalfa

There are some serious consequence, like red blood cells breakdown, which can be very serious. The side effects occur only if you take too much of alfalfa. Amino acids called cancavanie can make the problem of lupus, but mature eaves of alfalfa do not contain this item. However, to be on the safe side, do not use it during pregnancy, and do not take more than two capsules of alfalfa during the day. Bulk alfalfa can be acquired in certain health food stores.

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