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What is the cystic acne?

As the name says it all, this type of the acne is manifested as the normal pimples, but they are located deeper under the skin and the pus is enclosed in certain boil-like formation. The base of it is inflamed, and that is why the most prominent symptoms of these skin troubles are the swelling which is bigger than usual, redness and the intense pain. Nevertheless, the cystic ones are the most painful of all the pimples, and that is why it is the cleverest solution to stop them from even appearing in the first place.

The prevention includes maintaining the proper and more frequent hygiene of the areas which are the most susceptible for being affected by this type of the acne and, of course, introducing some health changes into the lifestyle and the eating regime. As far as the diet is concerned, the special attention should be paid on the combination of the milk (and the products based on it) and the highly processed foods, especially the saturated fats, since they most commonly lead to the acne outbreak. And, the cleansing routine should be performed with some potent cleansing agents, and not with the agents that cause the contractions of soft organic tissue (since they can block the pores).

The most effective natural treatment

When it comes to the treatment, the greatest misconception is that the cosmetic products based on sulphur are the most effective. In fact, they do remove the acne, but they are not effective on a longer run. That is, the cystic acne has the tendency to come back after the treatment. So far, up till now, the most successful therapy for getting rid of such the blemishes is the one based on the combination of the salicylic acid and the benzoyl peroxide.

However, when it comes to the homemade remedies, the most successful in dealing with these protuberant inflammations are the ones that are rich in the antiseptic and soothing agents. For example, the oil extracted from the tea tree is very beneficial for reducing the inflammatory process, but it forces the skin glands to produce more sebum and, because of that, the skin must be washed thoroughly after applying this oil. Besides this oil, the oils extracted from the fenugreek, rose hip and clove are also very useful for treating the cystic acne.

Also, the gel from Aloe Vera is beneficial as well, especially because of the soothing and calming effect. For the similar results, the green tea is used. Besides that, there are some more beneficial substances for treating these blemishes and they are the following: graphites, caledula, silicea, and so on.

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