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Being affected by acne outbreak is one of the most frequent skin problems and because of that, there are a lot of the cosmetic products and folk remedies for getting rid of them. The same is the case of the scars which are almost inevitable consequences of acne, since the majority of the acne sufferers have rather strong and insuperable urge to pop them out. The result of the improper squeezing and of such the torture to the skin is the uneven deep scar or the pigmented one.

As very well known, lemon is the fruit which is widely used for the health of the skin and, in fact, for the overall health. The juice extracted from lemon is rich in vitamin C, but besides that it contains a lot of the antiseptic agents and the boosters of the immune system. It could be used either, orally or topically, but when applied directly over the affected area of the skin surface, additionally, its regenerative and the bleaching properties become the most prominent.

Why and how is it helpful?

Therefore, the effect of making the scars lighter and equalizing the tone of the skin and the scars, is very valuable. Not to mention the fading away effect after the use of the lemon juice, which is 100% natural remedy. So to speak, it doesn’t provide the possible following negative effects, unlike in the case of the expensive cosmetic products, intended for the same purpose.

The most important ingredient of the lemon, concerning this matter, is the citric acid which is rich in the antibacterial agents. That way, by putting the juice from lemon over these unsightly blemishes, the very cause of the problem is dealt with, and the natural way and, additionally, it prevents the acne recurrence. Besides that, another valuable thing related to this acid is that it successfully removes the dead cells from the top layer of the skin. This process is so beneficial because it enables the regeneration of the skin and thus, its rejuvenation. And, as already mentioned above, the characteristic of making the skin less dark is very useful regarding the problem of the dark spots.

So, first of all, the skin should be cleansed thoroughly with warm water and when the pores are opened, the pad immersed previously into the juice from lemon should be tapped over the spot. For the best results, it is recommendable to keep the pad for at least ten minutes over the affected spot. Of course, although this remedy is very effective and beneficial, it shouldn’t be used excessively, since those powerful agents can irritate the skin. Therefore, in the case of the dry type of the skin, this juice should be mixed with honey, while in the case of the oily skin, one should add the juice squeezed from cucumber into it.

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