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Taking a closer look to the coconut oil

As already well known, the oil extracted from coconut is very beneficial nourishing agent for the skin in general. However, at this point, when we talk about acne, it should be pointed out that it contains substances which successfully annihilate fungi, microbes and bacteria. This is essentially important fact, concerning that the outbreak of these annoying bumps is due to the infection caused by the mentioned provokers, that is, when they enter and settle into the hair follicle or pore already filled with oil and sebum. The inevitable consequence is the formation of pus, since the product of the inflammation is the accumulation of the white blood cells on the affected spot, in the case of acne.

The oil itself is actually squeezed from the inner soft part of a seed of a ripe coconut fruit. Besides it cosmetic use mentioned above, this oil is used in culinary, for the massages and so on. When it comes to the health of the skin, this oil is very well known due to its moisturizing agents and that is why it is most commonly used as the main ingredient of the body lotions and the hair conditioners.

The effect of this oil

So, as far as the acne problem is concerned, the greatest misconception is that the oily skin shouldn’t be treated with oil. But, this particular oil is rich in the fatty acids which prevent the infectious process in the root, and it, additionally, contains the high concentration of the vitamin E which is necessary for the good health of the skin and hair. Also, this vitamin successfully unblocks the pores and, most importantly, maintains the normal amount of the produced sebum. With the pores and follicles unblocked, this oil can easily go deeper in the skin and that way supply the skin more effectively with the beneficial nutrients. It is important to mention that the oil from coconut as well reduces the irritations and removes the pigmented and protuberant scars from acne.

Before putting the oil onto the skin, it is necessary to cleanse it with something warm, so that the pores could open. For the best results, the oil should be applied with the massaging movements, and kept over the skin for at least one quarter of an hour, and then removed.

Of course, firstly, a small spot on the skin should be tested for the possible allergic reaction, since it can cause very intense response, and that way, complicate the acne problem even more. Also, after applying the oil, it is normal to notice some whiteheads over the skin, but if the problem persists, the treatment shouldn’t be performed again.

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