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A few words about acne

Acne is very common skin problem that usually affects the teenagers, but the older adults can also suffer from them. So, it can be concluded that they are the blemishes which appear as the result of the increased hormonal secretion, or as the reaction of the skin to some environmental harmful substances and the simple impurity of the skin. Most commonly, the acne outbreak happens as the consequence of the infection caused by bacteria, which also may lead to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

In order to start the successful treatment of the acne, it is important to realize how they happen. The explanation is rather simple; the bacteria tends to accumulate in the pores, or to be more precise, in the sebum, which is the liquid that could be found in pores of the skin. After that, as the normal response from the organism and the immune system, the infectious process begins, and it is manifested as the formation of the little red bump(s) filled with pus.The effect of the hydrogen peroxide

Having in mind that the pores should be cleansed as the prevention, but also as the treatment of acne, it is good to know that hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective solutions for this and the similar problems. That is because the oxygen, as the main ingredient of the mentioned solution, could clean the pore completely and that happens as the consequence of the reaction produced by the contact of the hydrogen peroxide with the sebum and pus. It can be even visible; little bit of foam appears on the surface of the affected pore. Additionally, the bacteria are annihilated by the oxygen and the propionic acid, which is also one of the ingredients of this chemical compound.

So, the key of this remedy is in its antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics.

In the cases of the multiple acne, the cotton wool should be immersed into the hydrogen and applied over the affected areas. Of course, before this chemical treatment, the facial skin must be washed gently. The hydrogen should be also placed around the acne, because that way the nearby areas are less likely to be affected by them, of course by staying away from the area of the eyes. When the application of the hydrogen is over, any moisturizing product must be applied over the skin so that the drying of the skin could be prevented.

And, at the end, it is good to mention that the treatment is most effective if the hydrogen is put on acne right away after being noticed.

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