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About the scars from acne

The scarring that is, in the most of the cases, the normal consequence of suffering from acne outbreak, is easily treatable nowadays. That is simply because the acne, along with the inappropriate ways of squeezing them (which is practiced by almost all of the individuals affected by this problem), and, therefore, the apparition of the ugly scars, are one of the most frequent and widespread skin problems. So, having acne and the scars from them, which could be manifested as little holes in the skin or the pigmented spots, are not among the severe health problems. However, having in mind how common this problem is, it is logical to conclude that there are a lot of the cosmetic solutions and the available treatments for getting rid of them.

The treatments that have shown the best results so far are the following: the peeling performed by the use of the specific chemicals, the abrasion of the top layer of the skin, the cosmetic surgery, and the therapy by the use of the laser rays. The last one mentioned is the treatment that includes the procedures of the healing the damages spots on the skin by the special rays, which is called the non-ablative laser technique. Concerning that matter, it could be said that this procedure requires the shortest period of the skin recovery after the procedure is performed and the minimal chances of another infection and the comeback of acne, hence, it could be considered as the most successful in dealing with the scars from acne. It is also safe for all the types of the skin.

The most effective treatment

The procedure itself includes the coagulation process and the additional process of taking out the excessive amount of oil and sebum from the skin, which are encouraged directly by these rays. In addition, there are the two similar therapies by the laser rays; the pulsed dye, which is more appropriate for the pigmented scars and the fractionated for the keloid and the uneven ones (done in sessions and it is focused on treating the deeper layer of the skin). However, in the case of having a dark skin complexion, it is recommendable to carefully decide between the option of the procedure by the laser and the chemical peeling.

Nevertheless, the most troublesome thing about this procedure is that it is very expensive and not everyone could afford it. Of course, the price of the procedure is decided upon the size and the stage in which the scar is, but, most commonly, it is about three thousand American dollars.

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