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All people experience the gurgling sound in their stomach from time to time. In cases when that occurs, people need not worry because it is probably nothing to worry about. A person might only be put in an awkward spot. For instance, if a person is talking about something in front of large groups of people and all of a sudden his or her stomach starts gurgling. That is embarrassing for a lot of people. Another situation is gurgling stomach during the night. These sounds can actually wake a person up.

Stomach gurgling causes

When the muscles in the stomach and intestines start to contract a person will experience gurgling sounds. There are several reasons why these muscles might contract.

Hunger is considered to be one of the main reasons for stomach gurgling. A person’s stomach will complain if a person skips breakfast or lunch. Thanks to these sounds a person will know that his or her system requires food. A lot of people will experience severe hunger pains right after the gurgling sounds.

Nervousness is another reason why a person’s stomach might start making gurgling sounds. Nervousness is a psychological state of mind which occurs because of anxiety or uneasy feelings. A lot of people experience gurgling sounds in the stomach when they are too nervous. Yoga and meditation are advised for people who suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety.

Another very common cause of gurgling sounds in the stomach is the consumption of carbonated drinks. Lots of people make the mistake of eating the dinner or lunch quite fast and that is a mistake that may end up in gurgling sounds in the stomach. When that is the case the food will not be properly chewed and will be gulped down. Improper food eating and drinking water quite fast leads to stomach gurgling.

Stomach gurgling and bloating

There are cases when a person’s stomach is full but he or she still suffers from stomach gurgling. When that is followed by bloating, abdominal pain or stomach cramps and diarrhea, then a person might be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or some other gastrointestinal disorder. Stomach gurgling after eating

A person will not only hear gurgling sounds when he or she is hungry but in some cases after the meal. The sounds may occur because the digestive system is crunching food into smaller particles which will make it easier for the system to absorb it. Gurgling sounds may also occur because of excessive gas in the stomach. A person who experiences these sounds often should seek medical help.

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