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Almost every person experiences gurgling noises at least once during his or her life. The medical term for gurgling noises is borborygmi. There are various reasons why a person may experience gurgling noises. Lots of people notice this sensation when they are hungry or right after the meal.

The stomach is an empty organ that is made of expandable folds named the rugae. These folds allow the stomach to spread and contract in correlation to the food and fluid consumption. When a person eats, his or her stomach will mix the food with the digestive acids and properly store that food. After the food is being stored it is then passed from the small intestine to the large intestine and during that process the gurgling sound may occur. These noises are not dangerous and a person need not worry. Gurgling sounds can also be heard when the brain releases the digestive juices which clean the digestive tract and make to stomach ready for food consumption. However, these noises may sometimes point to certain gastrointestinal disorders.

Reasons for gurgling

The stomach is an essential part of the human body because it gives nutrients that the body needs in order to function properly. The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid which then creates the gastric juice acids. Basically, the stomach functions all day because of all the food and fluid intake and the acid release. There are a couple of reasons why the stomach might make gurgling sounds.

When a person talks during a meal he or she intakes too much air and that may cause gurgling sounds.

The sounds most often occur when the intestine is forcing liquid and air movement in the bowel. In most cases these sounds do not pose any danger but sometimes they might be a sign of some underlying disease.

The sounds can also be heard when a person is hungry.

A person may hear the sounds after he or she had consumed cold carbonated drinks or swallowed whole foods.

Simple remedies to control stomach gurgling

Person can take certain medications in order to get rid of the gurgling sounds but he or she should also know that there are certain home remedies that will help in this situation.

A good advice is to avoid foods that cause gas like beans and dairy products.

Since hunger is one of the main cause of stomach gurgling a person can eat crackers or cookies from time to time in order to prevent the sounds from being heard.

Some people claim that warm soda helps in this situation. However, it is advised to avoid drinking or smoking too much as well.

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