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Suppress appetite naturally

When it comes to the excessive weight problem, there are two things that must be done and those are exercising and dieting. But there are also some additional things that will help and those are appetite suppression and the use of supplements.


People who have a problem with obesity usually have a big appetite. Eating for those people presents more than just satisfying physiological needs. Eating for some people is a way of dealing with some psychological trauma, or with inability to handle people and their lives properly. Sometimes even depression might emerge and then food is used to deal with depression, which creates even more extra pounds. Appetite is something that cannot be defeated easily. It is more a mental fight than any other kind, but when that fight is won, exercising and dieting will do the rest.

Dealing with hunger

What are the methods to suppress appetite naturally or any other way? Some will say that water is the key for dealing with this problem, especially in the late night hours. What is the problem here? People usually think that they are hungry when they are actually having a problem with dehydration. This means that drinking water in those moments will satisfy both, the real thirst and imaginative hunger. Also, drinking water before each meal might help a lot. Simply explained, when there is water in the stomach, there is not much space left for food. This combination might be very effective, but people have to be careful, because water runs through digestive system quickly and hunger might come fast.

There are also some medicaments that might help in dealing with this problem. There are even herbal products that should help with this problem. Some teas are helpful, but only if taken over a long period of time. Reducing the amount of food in meals and increasing the number of meals should also be effective. This will not only keep the hunger away, but the basal metabolism will be quickened and also the diameter of stomach will be reduced. This happens because with decreasing the amount of food, intestines do not have to spread so much and their diameter reduces, which flattens the belly.

Of course, suppressing appetite will not be as effective unless combined with dieting and exercising. Only the proper combination of these three elements can reduce weight in a relatively short time. Of course, when a person plans to use all three things, a medical consultation is something that has to be done.        

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