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When it comes to deciding how to lose weight, people tend tobe very impatient or simply have no desire whatsoever to make a radical changein their lifestyles which would include eating healthier foods and includingsome physical activity in their everyday routine. They rather choose a quickfix, such as eating a ridiculously small amount of food and having so littleenergy to barely make it through the day.

This is not only very unhealthy, butit also brings very little benefit because it is very likely that a lot of lostweight will come back as soon as the person goes back to eating the way theyare used to.

Changing the entire lifestyle, on the other hand is, in fact,considerably slower, but it is also significantly healthier than starvation andpermanent. Finally, the negative side of starving oneself is not just that itleaves the person completely drained of energy, as it has many negative sideeffects.

The way starvation affects the mood

First of all, starving does not only have an effect on theperson’s body, but on their mental abilities as well. It is well-known thatpeople get easily annoyed when they are hungry. When a person is on a dietwhich basically consists of starvation, the situation is much worse. Annoyanceis basically a euphemism there. People on such a diet are irritable, grumpy andcan get into a fight with almost anyone. But not only that, they also lackfocus and have difficulty performing any tasks which warrant the use of theirbrain.

What happens when the hunger becomes unbearable

As previously mentioned, these diets consist of eating aslittle food as possible during the day. One of the problems of such a regime isthat while it’s easier to skip breakfast and have the first meal around lunchtime, as the evening gets closer, the hunger becomes more and more unbearable.Everyone who has at least once tried this kind of diet knows how difficult itis to ignore the hunger in the evening and night.

And not only is it difficultto ignore it while awake, but the hunger makes it impossible to go to sleep! Thatis why people often can’t resist the urge to eat something that is high incalories, particularly sweets. And these kinds of food bring more damage thanjust eating the usual amounts of food, especially when they are consumed in theevening.

All in all, there are so many great downsides to this way oflosing weight that it is really not worth the trouble and it is in no wayrecommended. The only really effective and healthy way to accomplish this is bystarting to lead a healthy lifestyle in general.

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