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The problemof a bloated stomach

Some peoplesuffer from swollen stomach occasionally or on regular basis. This can be onevery irritating condition. These people most typically report that theirtummies feel full and tight. This ailment is usually not something one shouldworry too much about since it is not a grave ailment, but it needs to be treatedin some way. In case it is recurrent, it may be the case that the patient isactually suffering from some grave problem with their digestion. If the problemoccurs only sometimes, some remedies and alterations to the lifestyle and dietcould relieve the problem very soon, but in case it appears very often itrequires professional medical attention.

There aremany different answers as to why this problem occurs. The way a person livescan tell very much about whether the problem stems from poor habits related todiet or workout regime. Most of the people who report to their physician withthe problem of bloated stomach are also people who work out very little or notat all, and sit for the biggest part of their day. If one wishes to relievetheir problem of swollen stomach, they have to pinpoint the main culprit behindthe problem.

Typical signsof bloating

Patient sufferingfrom bloated stomach report to their doctor with some or all of the followingsigns: sensation as if their stomach is full all the time, belching, sensation oftightness, intestinal gas, pain in the abdomen, and stretched stomach wall.

The mainpotential culprits of bloating

There are variousculprits that can be the cause for this problem. Some of the people whocomplain of a swollen stomach simply experience this problem after they haveeaten too much. In case a person consumes a substantial amount of food which isknown to induce gases in the intestines, than it is the key to this particularinstance of bloated tummy. Furthermore, a person’s stomach can bloat after theyhave eaten some food which their stomachs cannot process properly – this iscalled food intolerance.

In additionto this, the sensation of bloated stomach can occur when a person swallows alot of air while eating, and it occurs most typically in people who have thehabit of eating quite hastily. The intake of air into the stomach can alsooccur while consuming fizzy drinks, bubble gum or while smoking. If these arenot the cause, then perhaps what provokes a bloated stomach is the syndrome of irritablebowels, or irregular bowel evacuation. Women are perhaps more likely toexperience a bloated stomach during their period.

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