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Diarrhea usually occurs when the stomach gets infected or suffers from some intestinal diseases. Normal diarrhea does not last for more than a couple of days but in cases of some severe infection or other reason it can last for quite some time. A person who suffers from diarrhea will experience fatigue and dehydration and may end up being ill for longer than it is normal.

There are various other ways a person may end up with diarrhea than just infection or an intestinal disease. People often end up with diarrhea after eating certain foods like eggs or red meat. Some people even suffer from diarrhea after eating salad. For a lot of people it remains a mystery why that happens because everyone knows that fresh and raw vegetables are good for the digestive system.

Causes of diarrhea after eating salad

Every person likes to eat fruits and vegetables. The reasons why a person should consume them are plenty. Apart from eating them raw, people usually eat vegetables in form of salads. The dressings and coatings contribute to the taste and salads are usually quite delicious. Even though everything is delicious and healthy, some people still suffer from diarrhea after eating salads. There are a couple of causes why that occurs.

Unhygienic preparation methods

It is essential that a person who prepares the food follows healthy habits. Unhygienic preparation and preservation of the salad can damage a person’s health. The ingredients need to be properly washed and a person should avoid leaving the salads open for a longer period because that will contaminate it and a person will end up with diarrhea. Fruits and vegetables get contaminated faster than other foods.

Food poisoning

If the salad is prepared without taking care of the healthy methods, a person is highly likely to introduce various bacteria and parasites into his or her system from the salad. That is the main reason for food poisoning. There are several bacteria that are present on raw vegetables and fruits and in certain dairy products that cause the poisoning. Apart from diarrhea, a person will experience vomiting and nausea.

Medical conditions

Gallbladder disease and hemorrhoids can also cause diarrhea after eating salad. People with these diseases have a weak digestive system.

Handling diarrhea after eating salad

The best way to treat diarrhea after eating salad is to prevent it from happening. Washing hands and vegetables and kitchen utensils will keep the bacteria away. A person should avoid eating too much high fiber foods. It is sometimes better to cook the vegetables. Eating salads from fast food and unhygienic restaurants should be avoided.

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