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Why do stomach palpitations occur?

When trying to explain what stomach palpitations actually feel like, people usually say that they feel some kind of pulsing around their stomach, and some even compare it to the famous feeling of so-called ‘butterflies in the stomach’. However, it does not end here, because very often this problem additionally causes discomfort and in many cases, pain is not excluded either, although it depends on the severity of the case. In most severe cases, stomach palpitations even affect lungs and heart, interfering with their normal functioning.

Various things may provoke this stomach disorder, but indigestion and unhealthy eating are among the most frequently recognized and identified causes. And here unhealthy eating does not only refer to consuming junk food or other unhealthy food, but it also includes having irregular meals, which means that people who do not have five smaller meals at regular intervals are more likely to develop stomach palpitations. Besides bad eating habits, stress and extreme nervousness, as well as constipation, or even excessive drinking of alcohol or caffeine may provoke it. As for the medications, which are also a possible cause of this disorder, if they are taken without a prescription, or if they are taken on an empty stomach, it is likely that some people will experience this problem.

Is it possible to treat stomach palpitations and how?

When it comes to the treatment of this problem, the most important thing to say here is that it is much easier to prevent it, which once more implies the importance of the healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. However, when it occurs, there are certain steps that can be taken in order to minimize the symptoms or their seriousness, but it greatly depends on the cause and severity of the case in question. The majority of people experience this problem as a mild nuisance, which usually disappears on its own after some time. In those with certain gastrointestinal problems, the treatment is usually focused on the underlying cause, while in those who smoke, drink alcohol or caffeine excessively, it is highly recommended to change these bad habits.

What is important to stress out as well is that moderate but regular exercises, as well as eating at regular intervals is of great importance and gives the best and quickest results in dealing with this problem. Foods that are rich in fibers are particularly helpful, because they help the digestive system to function better.

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