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There are many ways in which people can try to help themselves, especially when it comes to the health of the body and mind. What would be the first thing that people do when they feel pain? In most cases, they simply grab a painkiller. This is logical, this is helpful, and this will make the pain gone. Will it solve the problem? No. Is it a good long-term therapy? Another no. Can something else be done? Of course. People always underestimate the effectiveness of increased physical activity, but there is another thing that must be done and that is keeping the mind safe and sound. This might prove to be even harder task than keeping the body in check. This is where some other methods may be used.


What exactly is qigong? It can be said that it is a helping manual for all things in life because qigong is all about regulating the flow of qi and qi is what defines all of us. It is the energy we use in all situations in life, for both physical and mental challenges. Qi is what nourishes us and what we have to nourish and take care of. Making the qi flow proper and effective can be done in several ways.Aspects

There are several qigong aspects and all of those can be applied in the search of a healthy and strong body. What should be known about qigong exercises? They are more or less included in the dynamic aspect of qigong. This aspect can be explained by performing certain motions slowly and properly. The most popular form of dynamic qigong is definitely tai chi, the activity now performed all over the world. Actually, trying to understand secrets of tai chi brings the western culture closer to discovering what really lies behind the Asian culture. Understanding and performing tai chi is not easy. There are several sets of motions with different number of movements. The easiest one has the least motions and the physical form is not hard to learn. But that goes for the physical aspect, and what about the spiritual and meditative? This is something that people can reach only through intensive practice of tai chi and with opening the mind to accept new and different things.

Understanding tai chi, qigong, qi is not easy. It is something some people may try to do their entire life and still not succeed in it. Actually, the full comprehension of these things might not be possible at all. This is because the way we live today simply does not allow us to do anything else than simple things, like chasing money for bare survival, for example.

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