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When it comes toachieving and maintaining a person’s emotional health, conventional medicineunfortunately does not provide the many beneficial solutions. Therefore, people always turn to those more traditional ways that have proven not only to bemore effective, but also healthier. The best among the best are considered to beChinese art of internal healing known as the Qigong, accompanied by itsextremely dynamic component, i.e. Tai Chi. These techniques help a person overcome andtear down all the emotional obstacles, as well as boost the body energy flowand take it to a high level.

Importance ofemotional health

For just about anyperson in the world who seeks to achieve a highly fulfilled and enjoyable life,there are not many things that are important as a good emotional health. On theother hand, in case there is a lack of emotional control, this can hinder thepositive and fulfilling bond with the people around us. Exactly out of this reason, in time, there have beendeveloped and perfected numerous techniques and approaches aimed at helping aperson improve his/her emotional health and self-confidence respectively. Thosethat are considered to be most beneficial, and those employed the most arenumerous techniques psychological in nature – those employed by numerouspsychotherapists with the goal to aid people in re-establishing and betteringtheir emotional health.

Qigong revealed

This ancient Chinesemethod rests on the system of techniques that are created with the aim topromote health and make the cultivation of Chi possible – the essential forcethat sustains the body and is responsible for animating all familiarphenomena. The above mentioned techniques are comprised of various breathingexercises, static standing posture, slow movements, visualizations and last butnot the least, the meditation. By ways of the techniques in question people are,regardless of their age, enabled to improve their posture and mobility aswell, retrieve lost strength and vigor, and defeat just about any ailment they maybe confronted with.

Qigong and emotionalhealth

When having Chinese medicinein mind, it is important to be aware of the fact that, in the course of time,it has set various rules and created fairly complex relation-system between ourvital organs and emotions as such. For example, the liver is directly relatedto anger, whereas the heart is directly connected with emotional suffering.Also when the heart is energetically balanced, it leads to joy and love. When itcomes to Qigong, every occurring emotional imbalance is regarded as an indicatorof an energetic imbalance. This does not have either extremely goodor bad implications, but rather represents a weak state of the person inquestion, similarly to just about any illness. And keeping inside all thosenegative emotions for a long period of time can only manifest itself in the formof a certain physiological illness. This tradition regards simple techniques aslearning how to use abdominal deep breathing properly as the best possiblemeans to relieve and calm the mind and keep control of things. In addition,straightening the spinal column and removing obstacles that hinder theessential energy flow and block energy centres is yet another means to reachand maintain emotional balance and a clear mind.

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