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Exercising is something which is not reserved for youngpeople only. And furthermore, even though increased physical activity issomething which is usually related to those people who are in twenties,thirties, forties, even fifties, exercising is actually essential for olderpeople. Even though many think that older people should not be so engaged inphysical activity and rest more, they actually should be more active.


Just as there are many benefits for all those young peoplewho exercise, the same benefits are available for older people. When it comes to somesenior exercise and tips, it is obvious that old age does bring some problematicissues when it comes to health. It is known that from the age of about 55,muscle mass starts to decrease, although very slowly. Elasticity andflexibility are also reduced and that is why many older people reduce dailyamount of motions and activity. Wrong! Active older people are entitled to full health, more energy and vitality and to some level, they even lookyounger. There is nothing that can undermine the positivity that physical activitybrings to people, regardless of the age.


Exercises must include those forms that will develop theproperties of body such as strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility,elasticity etc. What would those exercises be? For example, there is slow pacejogging or a treadmill (elliptical is fine, too). The point of this exercise isin the fact that it can be performed really slowly, which will reduce the risk ofinjury to a minimum. Jogging belongs to cardio workout and reduces the extrafat tissue all over the body. It is very important for older people who want to try to eliminate all of the extra pounds because the risk of getting affected by heartrelated conditions, diabetes and some other illnesses is higher for them.

Also, elasticity and flexibility are very important forolder people and therefore, yoga and tai chi can be used. They include slowmovements with stretching the muscles as much as possible. These two alsoteach practitioners how to breathe properly.

Another great tip for older people would be to eliminate allof the bad habits, and those are smoking, alcohol abuse and overeating (including eating junk food). Some would say that this might be a bit too much for olderpeople, thinking about exercising, dieting and elimination of bad eating habitsall the time, but this is something that will prolong their lives and bringquality into it.

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