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Do You Know What Thai Yoga Bodywork Is?

Until recently, traditional Thai massage was a part of aspiritual discipline, and only masters can teach or perform this discipline onyou. Some forms were practiced as healing folk art, among Thai people, but onlysmall part of it. Traditional Thai medicine includes herbal remedies andspiritual meditation, as well as Thai massage. This type of massage isperformed on the whole body, usually on the floor mat. Many people know thismassage as Thai yoga bodywork, or assisted Hatha yoga, because it involves yogaasanas performed on the client.

Thai Yoga bodywork includes different motions such as taichi, gentle stretching and palming along the energy lines, all of this used alongthe conscious use of breath. The person performing Thai massage can use his (orhers) hands, arms, feet or legs, in order to guide client's body into yogapostures (asanas). Thai practitioner remains fully aware of his/hers own bodycenter all the time he/she carries on with the massage. While practicing yogarequires concentration, effort and commitment, Thai massage will have you enjoyall proven benefits of yoga, but without active involvement. Thai practitionerwill move and stretch your body into the asanas and he will perform thebodywork on you. You won’t need to do anything than to breathe and enjoy passivestretching.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai yoga bodywork is a specific form of massage, and many yogapractitioners find it complementary with their own yoga practice. Also, thismassage can be very useful for everyone in need to improve their performances. Athletes,martial art performers and especially dancers can benefit greatly from Thaiyoga bodywork. All postures of Thai massage are designed to open up the bodyand enable uncompromised energy flow along specific lines of energy in thebody. Thai massage recognizes 10 major and more than 72.000 different sen lines(energy lines). Opening the body, one can experience an increase of body’sflexibility and improved circulation. Thai massage is also known to relieve anymuscle tension and to tone different organs in human body. People sufferingfrom emotional tension can resolve this problem using Thai bodywork also.

Thai massage is completely natural and have no sideeffects. Many people use it as the alternative to conventional medicine andmedications. When the person goes to Thai massage, he experiences the sameeffects as if he was practicing yoga, such as increased endurance of the bodyand loosening of all the joints and muscles in the body. Thai bodywork will alsoaffect your mind, resolving any emotional problems you might have.

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