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There comes a moment in life when everything seems irrelevant, everything but the health. This does not have to be your health; it might be the health of someone you love and care for, which might be even more difficult to endure. This means that in those moments, people would do anything for more health, for peace of mind, for some calmness in life. This is something that does not come easily, not with the way in which most of the people live today, constantly seeking for more money and more fame. So, what can be done?

Cultures and differences

People grow up in certain environment, soaking up customs, language, culture. They spend most of their lives living under these conditions and rules not even being aware that there might be something different, something also precious and special. Even when people go on vacation into some exotic country, all they think of is how to have a lot of fun and how to rest well, all because of the mentioned stressful way of life. So, how to let something new and interesting in life? Step by step, certainly. When it comes to different cultures and different approach to health aspect, it can be said that the Asian continent is quite different from everything else. One thing that has been definitely accepted by other regions is martial arts. It can be said that this is universal tool of understanding between Asian and non-Asian cultures. But, that is not enough. Martial arts are just the tip off the iceberg of completely different philosophy, which should be examined and apprehended.


Most of Asian cultures are revolving around the use of qi, the energy that surrounds us, that runs within us and through us, something that bonds all the matters in the world. Qi is also responsible for our well-being and maintaining qi is important for maintaining mental and physical health. There are several different aspects of qi, with dynamic aspect being most popular in the world. It comes in the form of tai chi and it is excellent for enhancing the physical element of a person, but also a mental one, if that person allows that. There is also an interesting thing concerning the methods of breathing. What should be known about qigong breathing exercises is that they help different sorts of organs to function properly and more effectively. Those are relatively simple exercises, but some time is needed for perfecting them. Once mastered, this becomes another weapon for dealing with some medical problems.

Qi is something that cannot be caught or controlled. We just might learn how to direct its flow here and there in order to get some help from it.

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