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There are so many things people can do for improving their health status, but somehow it all ends up with exercising and dieting. These two are ok, but it has to be said that there are so many other things that might be applied. Most of these other, alternative options come from Asia. Asian culture is different from European and American culture in so many ways, that it is no wonder that people from these different regions have hard time understanding each other. To some level, a certain acknowledgment has been achieved. This came through the martial arts, physical activities that have been embraced by people from the West. The problem is that people from West apply those things as simple physical activity, while they completely disregard the element of spiritual in each of martial arts. They even made sport competitions out of martial arts, classified by weight categories, as in boxing. Many old style martial artists despise this fact.


Reaching better health status is not easily achieved, but with certain activities and through meditation, it can be done. What is qigong? It is one of the things that might help a person become aware of their own body and the needs of that same body. Once a person discovers what is wrong with the body, some steps can be made. Qigong can be presented as a sort of philosophy, philosophy that also includes physical aspect. Physical aspect in this situation is used for improving breathing and it is also a part of training session in many different martial arts. This shows us how powerful weapon qigong can be.

Mind and body

Qigong has several aspects and they should all be used for creating a healthy mind and body. The most popular form of qigong is its dynamic form, which includes performing slow and connected movements. Tai chi is just one example of dynamic qigong, but there are also static and meditative forms. These two might seem similar, but they are not. Static qigong uses several different postures for improving the health of a person, while meditative qigong also requires physical stillness of the body, although its main aspect is development of the mental dimension of a person.

All forms of qigong are actually trying to manipulate qi in some way. Qi is the energy that most of Asian cultures speak of, and western people have hard time understanding. Qi is our life force, energy that makes our body move and it makes our brain sharp and aware of things that surround it. It is something that should be treasured and kept safe, and qigong is here to help us with that.

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