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Information on Wild Goose Qigong

Medical Qigong (which is pronounced as chee-gung) is one ofthe traditional Chinese self-healing exercise developed as a part of the systemof the traditional Chinese medicine. Wild goose qigong is only one of thenumerous forms of medical qigong. It is slowly gaining on popularity because itis very efficient in providing the human body with numerous different types ofhealth benefits. Wild goose qigong is very helpful as it improves one’s overallhealth, enhances the functioning of the immune system, cures and preventsvarious medical conditions and illnesses, increases the capacity of the lungs,promotes the longevity, prevents constipation, enhances the process ofdigestion, promotes the circulation and strengthens the central nervous system.

The history of Wild Goose Qigong

It is a part of the so called Daoist Kunlun School which ismore than four millennia old. The essence is to imitate the strength and thegrace of the movements of a wild goose. Wild goose is known for itsunbelievable longevity so that is why the Daoists observed its life, habits andmovement in order to develop an efficient system based on their extensiveobservations.It has been passed down in secrecy throughout the numerouscenturies all the way to 1978 until Yang Meijun started teaching it publicly.She lived until 106 years old, and she kept promoting wild goose qigong evenafter her 100th birthday. Her son is the present lineage holder andhe resides in Wuhan in China.

The actual system is pretty comprehensive as it includes 72different forms. Only 11 movement forms and 7 different meditation techniqueswere taught publicly and they were incorporated into two books published byYang Meijun. The main part of her first book is the only material currentlyavailable in English language. Bingkun Hu is one of Yang’s disciples and heteaches the wild goose qigong in the United States on a regular basis. He hasrecorded numerous different movements of the system on several DVDreleases. The basics of the system relyon the free flow of vital energy which is referred to as Qi. When the acupuncture channels whichdistribute the energy become stagnant or obstructed in any way, numerousillnesses and medical conditions may occur. The same happens when the energygets extended in a field beyond the channels. The movements of wild gooseqigong are designed for promoting the flow of Qi.

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