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A few words about the hemorrhoids

The hemorrhoids are actually the protuberant bumps located over the anal and rectal area which are caused by the swelling and the inflammatory process of the veins. So, the veins become dilated and this disorder usually happens because of some excessive pressure, such as the pressure while being pregnant, or due to the abnormal straining during the defecation. Also, some underlying conditions may cause it, such as diarrhea and the blockage of the stool, or it could appear after having the anal sex. Of course, the depletion of the vitamin E in the organism can make the skin more likely to crack.

This is very common disorder, and it is usually manifested as the rupture of the veins (therefore the bleeding occurs and it can be noticed in the stool), as the annoying itch, the ardent ache; and these troubles are aggravated when sitting and while expelling the feces. Anyway, they are divided into the two large groups; the internal and external hemorrhoids.

The surgical procedure

Fortunately, hemorrhoids don’t belong to the group of the severe health problems, however, they can cause a lot of discomfort. Therefore, the problem should be solved timely and the quickest and the most effective way. Concerning that matter, really recommendable is the surgical intervention of getting rid of the hemorrhoids, or as it is medically referred to, the hemorrhoidectomy. This intervention is especially focused on preventing them from happening in the future and thus solving the problem on a longer run.

Of course, the alleviation of the most prominent following troubles of this condition should be encouraged with introducing more foods that contain fibers into the eating regime and with the regular physical activity; and of course, by both therapies, with the orally intended drugs and the remedies designed for putting them on directly over the affected spots.

However, when it comes to the more invasive treatments, they depend on the extent to what the condition has advanced, on the severity and the position of the hemorrhoid(s). So, the most effective are the treatments that deal with the very cause of hemorrhoid’s existence, and some of the most popular are the encouragement of the coagulation in the veins, done by the use of the infrared rays, and putting the elastic bandages around the formations in order to cease the flow of the blood in them.

The quickest way to deal with them is to undergo the surgical intervention of the extraction of the hemorrhoids, even though the process of the regeneration after it is not so short. However, the process of healing is shorter if the removal is done by the staple-like surgical instrument which would only block the supply of the blood. This intervention is usually recommended in the most severe cases. Nevertheless, the procedure done with the laser rays becomes more and more popular nowadays.

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