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A closer look to the fungus located on a toe

Fungi are well known as the most stubborn germs and the fungal are among the most common infections. And, the fungal infection located on the nail of the big toe is the most frequent and figures as the one of the logical complications of the ingrown nail. However, this infectious process is manifested as the nail colored in the range of the colors from yellow to brown and black. Besides the different color from the rest of the toe, the swelling and the pain are the mostly pointed out accompanying troubles. In addition, this infection is likely to affect the other toenails, since another one of its prominent characteristics is the ability of easily and quickly passing on to the nearby bodily areas.

The most effective products

Of course, it is good to treat this condition by the use of the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs, however, the fastest process of recovery is guaranteed with certain medical products, which are more effective than the milder, natural remedies. So, one of the most popular medications, concerning this problem, is the product called Lamisil. It belongs to the drugs intended for the oral intake and it is prescribed to be taken as just one tabled on a daily basis. It is also very effective since it speeds up the process of the regeneration of the affected nail, after the infection is completely healed. Nevertheless, this and the similar products bring along a lot of the negative following effects, such as the bland stool and the troubles in the functioning of the liver.

As far as the products intended to be applied directly over the affected area are concerned, one of the most valuables is the ZetaClear. It is based on the oil extracted from the tea tree, which is well known according to its antiseptic and antifungal characteristic, and, besides it, there are also the significant amounts of the oils extracted from jojoba and almond. The therapy based on this product will remove all the fungi within 14 days. Another product designed for putting it on directly over the toenail fungi, and which is very successful in getting rid of these annoying blemishes is the one called Nail Rx, and it is, actually, the homogenous mixture of the oil extracted from the tea tree, lemon grass and lavender. The fungi are removed in the period of three weeks. Similar product is Pedi-Cure, which is based on wax and the jojoba oil.

Of course, in some more advanced and aggravated cases of this infection, the surgical intervention done by the laser rays will be recommended, but it is very expensive.

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