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A few words about the coccyx

Coccyx is the medical term for what we call tailbone and it is, actually, the bone which figures as the extension of the vertebral column and which is located between the buttock and the lower back, in the central position. This bone can be less or more protuberant and depending on that fact, there is increased or decreased possibility of this part of the body becoming painful. The pain is medically called coccogodynia and when it occurs, it is usually dull, constant, and, of course aggravated when sitting, or to be more exact, when the weight of the complete upper part of the body presses it. When it is intense, rather a feeling of the numbness of that area and the sensation of the electric twitches and cramps is felt.

Nevertheless, the pain is, in the most of the cases, the consequence of some trauma or injury. So, the most common provokers of the pain felt on this spot are the contusion, dislocation and breakage. Although frequently the women suffer from the tailbone pain after delivering a baby, the reason why this problem more often affects the female population is that the pelvis is narrower in the male bodies.

How to deal with the pain?

Apart from the unbearable pain described above, the other troubles that usually go hand in hand with this disorder are the increased sensitivity of the spot, the blockage of the stool, the pain in the head, the pain felt during the process of defecation and the pain when having the sexual contact (that is, this pain happens in the case of females exclusively).

The conventional treatment of this pain is, of course, focused on alleviating it with the drugs such as the painkillers and the ones that reduce the inflammatory processes. However, in the aggravated cases, the injections filled with cortisone steroid could be prescribed. Additionally, these drugs usually lessen the pain in the matter of days or even one week. That is why some other methods for dealing with this pain are more recommendable. And that is also because the natural treatments don’t provide the negative following side-effects.

So, first of all, it is a must to solve the problem of the blockage of the stool and the best and completely natural way to do that is by simply introducing more foods that are rich in fibers and more fluids into the eating regime. This dietary treatment should be combined with the exercises that encourage the nervous functions of that region. This exercise just consists of contracting the anal muscles. Of course, if the affected individual is pregnant, she should undergo the delivery by the cesarean section. And, finally, the pain is to be minimized with holding the ice pack over the spot and by using the pillow in the form of a ring for sitting.

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