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The problem of the scarring after pimples

Although suffering from acne itself is a great deal of a problem, one of the most troublesome possible consequences of having acne are the scars, which are mostly caused by popping them out or just squeezing these protuberant bumps. The most common are the pigmented, discolored and the protuberant scars, and the most annoying characteristic is that they are often likely to be permanent. That is why the treatment should be persistent. However, the dermatologist’s advice plays the most important role in making the decision over the treatment.

The most effective treatments

Having in mind the persistent nature of the scars, it is recommendable to prevent them from appearing in the first place, that is, by directly lower the chances of the acne outbreak. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to cleanse the facial skin thoroughly two times per day, to stay away from the saturated fats, fast foods, sweets, snacks, the highly processed foods, the artificial conservatives and enhancers of flavor, and the similar.

So, the quickest way to remove the unsightly scars is to undergo the intervention called dermabrasion, which mechanically removes the scar by a brushing-like action. After such the interventions, the skin is supposed to regenerate by itself. However, there are some less invasive treatments, such as the procedure done with laser rays, which as well includes the removal of the part of the affected surface of the skin. The regeneration of the skin after this procedure lasts about ten days, while in the case of the dermabrasion, the regeneration could take up to 21 days to be over. Very similar is the microdermabrasion, which only includes treating the smaller portion of the skin, and the both, the treatment, and the recovery, require significantly shorter periods of time.

As far as the peeling by the strong chemicals is concerned, it is the less aggressive method for dealing successfully with these blemishes, and additionally, the skin regenerates within the period less than one week. However, the flaw of this technique is the inevitable irritation and redness of the facial skin after it, which usually lasts for the first 24 hours.

And, finally, this problem could be treated by the medications that annihilate bacteria. Nevertheless, as far as the acne scars are concerned, the most successful in dealing with these blemishes are the remedies intended for putting them on directly over the affected spots. Such are the medications in the forms of creams, gels, tonics and ointments. However, it should be emphasized that all these medications mentioned in the last paragraph are intended exclusively for the prevention of the acne scars.

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