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It is very common and well known thing that people nowadays lead unhealthy lifestyles and that they have pretty unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, mostly because of the sedentary lifestyle and the intake of the harmful substances, such as the cigarette smoke, caffeine, alcohol and the artificial medications, for example, the hemorrhoids are also very common problem among the people. They are, actually, the prominent dilated veins in the anus or rectum, so we can talk about the internal and the external ones. In addition, they are itchy, painful and cause a lot of trouble when only sitting, not to mention the discomfort which is felt during the process of defecation, during the anal intercourse; or the trouble of bearing a constant pain under the pressure of the abdomen in the period of pregnancy, for instance.

Concerning this matter, it should be emphasized that the bleeding, caused by the lesions which crack because of the pressure on the hemorrhoids, and, consequently, the presence of the blood and the bloody mucus in the expelled stool, are the most prominent and most terrifying indicators of this condition. However, this problem is treatable, but only with the persistent and timely action at the very first stages of their development, in order to avoid the further complications. One of the most common unwanted consequences is when this trouble is accompanied with the blockage of the stool, which only makes the already existing symptoms more and more aggravated. The most effective treatment

Luckily, in order to treat this particular consequence of bleeding from the hemorrhoids, the provoker itself should be treated first of all. That is, the dilated veins are to be treated firstly.

So, for the mildest stages of this condition, the Hydrocortisone creams that should be put directly over the formations are recommended. Nevertheless, when we talk about the hemorrhoids that bleed, more effective is, of course, some more invasive treatment, such as the surgical intervention. One of the most commonly performed is the procedure which includes placing certain obstructions (e.g. rubber or staples) on the blood flow to the affected veins, in order to cut down the supply of the blood to them and thus, ’’kill the hemorrhoids’’. This blockage could be also performed with the use of the laser beam. Also, very effective procedure is simple removal of the hemorrhoids, by the use of the scalpel.

However, when it comes to the natural treatment, based on the homemade remedies, intended for either, the oral intake, or the topical application, it is characterized by more holistic approach. So, the most beneficial remedies are based on the following plants: Bilberry (rich in bioflavonoids), Horse chestnut (rich in aescin, which reduces the inflammations), Mullein (reduces the irritations) and Cayenne (the most effective for the bleeding type of the hemorrhoids).

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