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A little bit about the bags under the eyes

The formations under the eyes, of the protuberant appearance, in the form of sacks, are not a rare thing to happen. Most commonly, they appear as the result of the lack of proper sleep, but, when they appear as rather permanent problem, the reason for that is the simple process of ageing. So, the sacks under the eyes, besides the also obvious wrinkles, are the most pointed out indicators of getting old. So, they are completely natural thing to happen, but mostly because the modern concept of beauty, which demands having healthy and youthful skin, there are a lot of ways to minimize and even to totally remove these bags.

The most effective way to deal with them

Having in mind this matter, the surgical intervention of getting rid of the excessive amount of the skin around the eyes, is the most popular and the most effective. But, before undergoing this procedure, one must be sure if he or she is the appropriate candidate, that is, if he or she has additionally the shallow wrinkles below the eyes and the skin of that area is visibly darker, if certain amount of the skin hangs down from the upper eyelid, if the upper eyelid is a little bit swollen and if the lower eyelid is also droopy. In fact, any of these mentioned above is the characteristic that makes one an appropriate candidate. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that the smokers are the inappropriate candidates.

Nevertheless, as far as the procedure is concerned, first of all, the natural edge of the upper eyelid is cut, while, in the case of the lower one, the incision is made a little bit below the line of the lashes, so that the unnecessary tissue could be taken out. It is that simple, and, after that, the openings are closed with a suture. The scars are visible, but they go away through the time. When it comes to the recovery process, it usually lasts about one month and a half, and during that period one shouldn’t practice some exhaustive physical activity, but the normal lifestyle can be lead.

However, when we talk about the possible side effects of this surgical procedure, the most common are the period of the unclear vision after the procedure, the irritation due to the intense lights, the decreased tear secretion, the pain, contusion, swelling and the troubles with closing the eyes in the first few days after the procedure. The discharge can also appear and it should be simply removed with the lukewarm water.

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