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Not much talked about, and not very rare at the same time, hemorrhoids or piles, are a very common problem. In fact, it is so common that 50% of all adults have to deal with them at least once in their first 50 years of life.

Hemorrhoids are inflamed blood vessels inside one’s anus and are located in the lower rectum. The inflammation can be caused by various influences, such as pressure while passing stools, pressure on the anal area during pregnancy, jobs which include constant sitting, etc.

As pesky as hemorrhoids can be, the solutions are available and there is no need for a person to panic. With some changes in diet, lifestyle and some home treatments the problem can be solved.

If one has hemorrhoids, he will experience pain while passing stool, occasionally there would be drops of blood on toilette tissues, surrounding anal area would be swollen, etc. However, symptoms may vary depending on the location of hemorrhoids. There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external.

The internal ones cannot be seen because they are located inside the anus. The symptom is pain while passing stools, and when a vein is ruptured blood will come out as well, or even the vein will be pushed out. That is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid and it is very painful.

The external hemorrhoids are located under the skin surrounding the anus. When the veins are irritated they may start to bleed or itch. Sometimes a blood clot can be formed, and it can become very painful.

When noticing blood on the toilette tissue, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Blood can be the symptom of much more dangerous problems within digestive system and it is important to rule them out.

To prevent ourselves from getting hemorrhoids, the simplest way is to keep the stool soft so it doesn’t take much effort to get out. Diet should be changed in order to eat greener food, gradually increase the amount of fibers in food to avoid gasses, and a lot of wholegrain. That should keep the stool soft enough, and will ease its passing. Fiber should be eaten in daily amounts in order to stop the bleeding, and keep the passing of stool regular.

It is important not to strain, even sitting on a toilet for too long can cause excessive pressure. Holding a breath, and straining at the same time can add very increased amount of pressure on the rectum. When feeling that it is time to pass a stool, it is important to go immediately because waiting for it to pass will make the stool harder, and therefore increasing the pressure on the hemorrhoid. Exercise should be considered in order of lowering the pressure on the inflamed veins.

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