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The acne and the scars

One of the biggest problems, as far as these blemishes, called acne, are concerned, are the inevitable scars, which tend to appear after having a pimple or a zit, which are permanent and very unsightly problems. It is very hard to treat the acne themselves, but scarring occurs because a lot of people have rather an intense urge to squeeze and pop them out, thus leaving the permanent damage to the skin. The scars could be protuberant, but, in the most of the cases they are pigmented, which means they are of the darker color than the rest of the skin.

How to treat the scars?

Fortunately, there are a lot of the possible options of how to get rid of the acne scars, and the most effective and the quickest method is by the procedure performed by the laser, however, the less invasive treatments are recommendable. And, when it comes to this type of dealing with the scars, the most popular is the one based on the creams, which could be bought over the counter in pharmacies.

Nevertheless, such the creamy remedies are effective in the removal of only the pigmented scars. So, naturally, the most popular ones are based on the bleach, which makes the scars lighter and could wipe them out completely after the regular use. Of course, the use of them could have some negative consequences, which could happen only as the result of the excessive application onto the skin. Anyway, for that purpose, the most effective are the following: Revitol Skin Brightening Cream (should be used for the period of the 3 months, for the best results, it is also rich in the vitamin A, very beneficial for the skin in general), Skin Brightener (from the company ‘’SkinBright’’, which need to be put on only several times), the Mederma Skin Bleaching Cream, which is focused on stopping the development of the melanin, and the cream called BIOSKINFORTE. Although these creams are not very expensive, especially considering their efficacy, it is still healthier to use the remedy based strictly on the natural ingredients, and which could be made at home. This remedy should be the mixture of not more than the five drops of the oil extracted from the rosehip (rich in vitamin A and retinol) and the cream that is already used for the facial skin.

However, one of the greatest misconceptions, when it comes to healing the pigmented scars is that the sunbathing is beneficial, since that way, they will only turn out to be more visible. So, naturally, the creams and lotions for the protection from the sun rays are useful. Also, it's very recommendable to regularly perform the peeling treatment in order to remove the dead skin.

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