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Sciatic nerve pain is also called sciatica and it is an inflammation of the sciatic nerves. These nerves are the longest and largest in the human body and they go from the lower spine to the buttocks, ending at the back of the legs. Shooting pain going from the lower back to the buttocks and feet or legs is the most common symptom of sciatica, but another common symptom of this condition is tingling sensation felt in the feet. This condition is common among pregnant women and due to its preference of one side of the body, it never causes pain on both body sides. Sciatica can be caused by several reasons and some of them are muscular inflammation and herniated disk. If you have this condition, you will probably do pain relief exercises, which are very simple, which can be done at home and which can surely help with the pain.

Pain Relief Exercises

During the period from 6 to 8 weeks this pain will stay with you and this is when you can use the pain relief exercises. Pain can be reduced and the abdominal muscles, piriformis and hip flexor will be stronger due to these exercises, which is very important. But in some cases, the pain can be increased if the core is strengthened. Remember to wear lose clothing when doing these exercises.

The first exercise we will mention is knee to chest stretch, and it is done while lying on the floor on your back. The leg which is not in pain should be extended while in this position and then the aching leg should be bent at the knee. Use your hands, towel or a bent to grasp the aching leg and then pull the knee to your chest as much as you can. This position should be held for the 10 or 20 seconds. Next exercise is a hamstring stretch and to do this exercise, you will need a towel or an exercise band. This is a great exercise and it is done while on your back with the towel wrapped around the right leg's ball. Remember that the leg needs to be over the floor while doing this. Then lift the right leg up while exhaling and straighten the leg until you feel it stretch the hamstring. However, know that you should not feel pain while doing this. Keep this position for some time and then release. The third exercise is knee stir and it is done while lying on the back and with the leg extended on the floor. The other leg needs to be bent at an angle of 90 degrees and then start doing circular movements with this leg. From the hip socket do eight of them in the clockwise direction and eight in the counterclockwise direction. Remember that the lower leg part needs to be immobile while doing this. The leg is then returned to the initial position slowly and the same is done with the other leg. The last exercise is done while lying on the floor on your back and with the right leg bent at your knees. Then cross the right leg with the right one and slowly pull the left one in the direction towards your chest. When you do this, grasp the left thigh. Do the same for the other leg as well.

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