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Lat Pull-Down

This article will talk about an exercise called lat pull-down and this is one of the most commonly performed exercises in the gym. We will focus on this exercise and we will see which muscles are affected and worked by this exercise. Another name for this exercise is cable lat pull-down and is one of the most effective workouts in the gym. The muscle group called latissmus dorsi is worked by these exercises. These muscles are responsible for the horizontal adduction, adduction, extension and they take up the most of the back area. By doing this exercise, two joints move during the performance, and they are shoulders and elbows. The muscles found in the middle area of the back and the bicep muscles work during this exercise. There are alternatives to this exercise and they are pull ups and shin up and they can be performed at your home.


The lat pull-down is a very good exercise, which can be a substitute for the chin ups if you cannot do them. Beginners can also perform the lat pull-down exercise. There are two ways in which this exercise can be done and we will talk about both of them. The first way is the lat pull-down front of the neck. This type is the right one and it is done in a comfortable sitting position with feet on the ground and hands on the bar in an a bit longer shoulder distance. This is called overhand grip. The range of motion is very important and it can hamper the workout if the grip is too wide or narrow. Then slowly move the bar to the floor, while the shoulder blades are moved in the same time. Then the back should be arched in the middle and the movement is completed with the contact between the collarbone in the upper chest and the bar's central area. This positions needs to be held for a few seconds, after which you need to slowly return to the starting position. The muscles need to be stretched and this can be done by moving the shoulders high and shoulders blade wide. Take a few seconds to relax and do the same again. The other kind of lat pull-down is done behind the neck and it requires some techniques in order to be properly done. Take the initial position the same as the one needed for the previous exercise. The torso needs to be leaned a bit backwards when compared to the hips, and pull the bar with the scapula retracted. The bar needs to be pulled until it reaches the neck and this position needs to be held for a few seconds, after which the initial position needs to be taken but slowly. If you are suffering from a back or shoulder pain, do not do this exercise, or if the pain appears, you need to stop with the exercise. We advise the service of the personal trainer.

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