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In the body the bones are the strongest part. They are important for various reasons but probably the most important is that they are responsible for the mobility of the body. Overall strength and pace of a person also depend on the bones. Even though the bones are really strong a lot of people suffer from fractures at least once during their lives. However, the injury that caused the fracture must be of some major impact in order to happen. The pain in the bones is not that common like pain in the joints but a lot of people experience it. There a couple of reasons why a person may experience pain in the bones.

Causes of aching bones

There are several reasons why this pain may occur. In most cases it is because of an injury but in some cases a certain disease may cause the pain as well.

Probably the most common cause of the aching bones and joints is an injury. That injury is most often a bone fracture or a hairline fracture. Everybody knows that the fracture is quite a painful experience especially if the bone goes through. A person can experience severe pain from a serious blow even if the fracture does not happen.

Another cause for bone and joint aching is age. Older people wear up their bones and joints over the years and that causes pain when they reach certain age.

A bone infection is another reason why a person might feel pain in the bones. Osteomyelitis is the medical term for acute or chronic bone infection. Pain in the bones is actually one of the most sure symptoms of this disease.

Osteoporosis is another cause of bone aching. A lot of people are aware that this disorder is a thinning of the bone and bone tissue and loss of bone density.

In cases when the cancer starts from the bone a person will definitely experience pain. However, the cancer does not usually start from the bones but it spreads through them.

Leukemia is another disease that cause bone pain. Leukemia is actually cancer of the blood or bone marrow.

If for some reason the blood supply is inadequate a person may experience bone pain.

A lot of pregnant women suffer from bone pain during those nine months. The hip, back and pelvic are affected the most. Arthritis is know to cause bone and joint ache as well.

Treatment of aching bones

The cause of the pain will determine the treatment. A person who experiences bone pain should go to the hospital and the doctor will determine what treatment is best.

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