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People all over the world have problems with aching joints and it is not just the old but the young people as well. Joint pain is considered to be one of the most common complaints. Elderly people suffer from joint pain usually because of the fact that they are old and over the years the joints have degenerated. On the other hand young people suffer from joint pain mainly because of overuse or improper use of the joints and the muscles. These are not the only reasons for deep shoulder pain, there are several more.

Deep shoulder pain causes

A person can experience deep shoulder pain because of bad posture while sitting or working at a computer or even while sleeping. If a person feels pain in the shoulder because of these reasons there is no need to worry since they are considered to be minor causes and there is no treatment required. On the other hand, if a person experiences sharp and severe pain in the shoulder that could be a symptom of some serious medical condition. There are several serious causes of deep shoulder pain.


Experts say that bursitis of the shoulder is a major cause of shoulder pain. A person will experience shoulder pain when the bursa in the joints gets inflamed. There are several factors that can lead to an inflammation like an injury or a rheumatoid condition.

Rotator cuff injury

There are several causes of shoulder pain but it is thought that rotator cuff is one of the most significant ones. Thanks to the rotator cuff a person is able to move the arms. Rotator cuff is made of tendons and muscles. An injury to one of the four muscles will lead to rotator cuff injury. Apart from a fall or a blow some of the common causes of rotator cuff injury are bad posture, wear and tear, arthritis and bursitis. Most common symptoms of this injury are sharp pain and weakness in the shoulder.

Shoulder dislocation

Dislocation of the shoulder is considered to be one of the more severe causes of deep shoulder pain. When the arm bone gets separated from the shoulder blade which is located in the ball and socket joint in the shoulder that is when a person has dislocated his or her shoulder. Even thought this injury does not occur very often it causes deep shoulder pain.

Apart from these most common causes a person may experience deep shoulder pain because of shoulder separation, tendinitis, arthritis, biceps tendon rupture and several others.

Deep shoulder pain treatment

In order to determine the cause a doctor will examine the shoulder and order an X-ray. In case of bursitis ice packs are used and sometimes pain relieving medications and aspiration injections. Other more severe cases may require physiotherapy and even surgery.

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