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The two largest joints in the body are the knee joints and the hip joint. The joints are located at each end of the thigh bone. These joints are important for the entire support of the body weight and for the mobility of the body as well. In most cases the pressure on the hip affects the knee joint as well. It works the same the other way around. When the knee joint is hurt that will have some effect on the hip joint as well. The underlying condition will determine the severity of the pain. In some cases the pain is severe while in others it can be mild.

Hip and knee pain causes

Everybody knows that there are a lot of things that can lead to knee and hip pain. However, some causes occur more than others.

Muscle strain is one of the most common causes since both knee joints and the hip are made of muscles. When a person overworks these muscles and pulls them or strains them, he or she will experience sharp pain in those areas. Muscle strain is the main cause of hip and knee pain from running for instance. This is why it is important to properly warm up the muscles before any strenuous physical activity.

Bone fracture is another reason why a person may experience knee and hip pain. For instance a bad fall can lead to the fracture of these bones. Elderly people succumb to bone fractures more often because bones get fragile with age.

Pregnant women also experience pain in the knees and hip because of the change in the body structure. The baby puts extra pressure on the knees.

Osteoarthritis is another cause of hip and knee pain. Both knee and hip joints are made of soft tissue that allows smooth movements of the joints and that soft tissue is named cartilage. With age the cartilage wears out and the bones start to rub against each other. Osteoarthritis is the medical name for this condition. Since this condition comes with age, mainly the elderly people suffer from it.

A dull pain felt in the areas of hip bone and knee cap is know as bursitis. Bursitis occurs when bursa gets inflamed. Most people experience pain caused by bursitis during the night.

Hip and knee pain treatment

The cause of the pain will determine the treatment. Proper rest is essential in case of hip and knee pain because the muscle strain will ease off. When a person experiences pain he or she should avoid participating in any physical activities for a period of time. If there is swelling a person should apply ice packs. Maintaining a proper body weight is also important.

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