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Information on Bone Fractures

Fractures usually occur along the bones located in the extremities of the human body, but they may occur in virtually any other bone in the human body such as the ribs or the vertebrae. Simple fractures do not rupture the skin at the area of the fracture while compound fractures cause the skin above the fracture to break open.

Compound fractures are much more serious because they can cause numerous infections of the open wound and they can also be the cause of severe blood loss. A fracture can be easily recognized by deformation or immobility affecting the area of the fracture. The occurrence of fracture can also be confirmed by a cracking sound present at the time of the injury. Fractures are extremely painful, as well. Difficult moving, bruising and swelling of the injured area are also good indications of a fracture.

Fractures that affect the areas that surround the joints usually involve a sprain. If the ribs get fractured they usually cause difficulties breathing, and it is usually very painful to cough or breathe.

The pain may be similar in severity to the one that occurs when the ribs get bruised. It is not uncommon that a fracture can only be determined by an X-ray, especially when the patient suffered a case of a simple fracture. A patient requires proper medical attention before the bones get set properly. A fracture may require up to six months to heal properly, but the healing time usually depends on the health and age of the injured individual and the severity of the injury.

Fractures are usually caused by a fall or a physical injury. Fractures may also be affiliated with certain medical conditions such as osteoporosis. Malnutrition can cause the bones to become weaker, inflexible and brittle, so it is very important to maintain a very balanced, healthy diet which contains all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, protein and minerals. Digestive problems and hormonal imbalances can also enhance the possibility of fracture occurrence.

Supplements and Herbs

In order to maintain a good health of the bones, it is necessary to ingest plenty of minerals and proteins because they are the building blocks of bones. These substances are also much needed in the recovery and the healing process of fractured bones. The most important minerals are calcium, magnesium and silica. They can be ingested by eating healthy food or by taking mineral supplements. Vitamin C and vitamin D are also very important ingredients.

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