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Living tissue is one of the bone components. Try to get out of the box when you are thinking about the bones. Bones are muchmore than just a skeleton, much more than just dead bones. They are not “dead”;on the contrary, they have nerves and blood vessels, and the pain which personexperiences because of the bone injury comes from these items. If bones werejust “dead”, we wouldn't feel any pain.

Broken bone

When an injury of the bone is suffered,a patient must have the proper treatment. The most important part of thetreatment is the bone correction. The bone will have to be placed in the rightposition, in its the natural position, because this will help the bone to healproperly. Otherwise, many problems may arise. This is very important for thechildren, whose bones have to develop, so, if the bone is not placed in theright position, it may affect the proper body functioning and produce furtherproblems, such as loss of functioning of a part of the body or decreasedmobility. Children always have to be treated very quickly and effectively. Ifyour child has suffered a blow or a fall, try to get it to the hospital as soonas possible. You yourself will hardly be able to diagnose the problem, especiallysince some injuries, which look rather harmless, can in fact be very serious.So we repeat, after an injury, always get medical attention.

When aninjury is experienced, the pain will occur when we try to move the affectedlocation, so in these situations try to move as less as possible. Along withthe pain, patients will experience redness and swelling of the injured area,and if the bone is in unnatural position, the fracture is evident.

Internalbleeding is the another possible problem. The severity of the bleeding can bediverse, and it depends on many factors.

One of the more serious complications whichis possible is the lung puncturing caused by the fractured rib. When it comes to the remedies can help in treating the fractured bone, everyone should remember that fracture can only be treated in the hospital, and that the remedieswill only relieve the pain caused by the fracture. Remedy which can help ishorsetail. Children should use one dose three times a day and this treatmentneeds to last two weeks. This herb is very effective because it containssilica.

Another herb with silica is nettle. This herb has a high amount ofminerals, which will help with the fracture. Remember that using nettle, cancause some trivial stomach problems among children.

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