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Natural remedies for broken bones

There are many natural remedies and therapies that can be used to help speed up the process of healing when a person has broken a bone.

Even though the bones heal themselves when they are placed back together correctly, there are things that can be done in order to help the process along.

It is also common knowledge that the more bloody supply a bone has, the faster it will heal, which is why, for example, toe bones heal a lot faster than heal bones.

Methods for speeding up bone healing

A person needs to make the some lifestyle changes if they want their bones to heal at a fast pace. It is incredibly important to stop smoking, because smoking will slow down the flow of the blood and by doing so, slow down the process of healing in the bone.

It is also important to stop drinking alcohol, because alcohol slows the formation of the osteoblasts, which trigger the formation of new bone cells.

Other things that should be taken out of the diet completely or at least decreased include caffeinated drinks like coffee tea and soda, because these beverages increase the amount of calcium that is excreted from the bones, and calcium is very important for bone growth.

It is also important to make some changes in one’s daily nutrition. In order for the bones to build, protein is needed. The best way to get protein is to eat a lot of meat, fish, soy, buts, beans and dairy products. Dairy has the added bonus of having a lot of calcium as well.

Vitamins are also crucial, especially Vitamin C, because it helps in forming collagen. The more fruits and vegetables a person eats, the better.

Vitamin D is also vital for the process of calcium absorption, and Vitamin K, which is generally found in most leafy greens, will aid in the process of bone repair as well. Homeopathic remedies

Arnica is usually the first drug of choice for helping with broken bones. It is great at reducing bruising and swelling and it should be taken right after the bone has been broken in order to decrease the amount of vascular congestion.

Symphytum is great as well. It is used by many in cases when the bone refuses to knit together and the pain after the bone fracture lasts for a longer period of time than it should last.

Ruta will also be used by many to treat bruised bones and increase the speed of healing. It is beneficial for connective tissues as well and will help people who experience more pain in the bones when the weather is cold and damp.

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