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It is mostly the elderly people who suffer from aching joints. There are two different bones that are connected at the joints and during the years a person will tear and wear them and will experience joint pain when he or she grows old. Apart from old age, there are various other causes of joint pain and depending on the cause a person will suffer from discomfort that joint pain brings for a long period of time or a short period of time. Not a lot of people know that joint consists of the tissue, bursae, ligaments and tendons.

Aching joints symptoms

There are also a lot of symptoms that point to aching joints. A person will know that he or she is suffering from aching joints if he or she sees swelling or inflammation of the affected joint. This is considered to be the main symptom of aching joint. Some of the other symptoms are stiffness, burning or crunching sensation in the joint, deformation of the joint, muscle pain, restricted joint movement and if there is a infection a person will also suffer from fever.

Aching joints causes

There are lots of reasons why a person may suffer from aching joints but some causes occur more frequently than others.


Elderly people are the most common victims of arthritis that affects the discs and bones and causes aching joints. Nowadays, there are more than a hundred types of arthritis known to men. Younger people may also suffer from arthritis as well, not just the elderly. It is the inflammation of the lining that leads to the pain of the joint when arthritis is considered. When arthritis is the cause there is no known cure but there are plenty of ways to relieve the pain.


The small sacks know as bursae have synovial fluid in them and they act as cushions which prevent the friction of the bones. When a person constantly puts pressure on the joints he or she may suffer from bursitis. This disorder is also more common with older people.

Wear and tear

All activities that involve physical strength are responsible for the constant wear and tear of the tendons. After a long period of years the tendons can no longer take much stress and become more likely to tear.


Aching joints can be caused by improper weight lifting, excessive muscle strain, lousy warm-up and even cool down exercises. A person whose joints ache at night has put them to too much effort during the day.

Apart from these most common aching joints causes there are plenty other causes that can lead to this disorder like various diseases, injuries, infections, improper diet, lack of exercise, dehydration, stress, obesity and weight loss.

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