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Every person knows that bones are probably the toughest parts of the body. However, as everybody knows, bones tend to get broken quite often. When they are put under strain, they will bend. However, in cases where the pressure on the bones is sudden or too strong, bones will break. There are many ways a person can break a bone. The medical term for a broken bone is a fracture. People need to know that there is no one way a person’s bone can be broken.


Some fractures are considered to be mild, while some can be quite severe. For instance, a complete fracture is when the bone is broken into two pieces. When a bone has cracked only on one side and not all the way through, that situation is known as the greenstick fracture. When the bone is broken in only one place, a person is suffering from a single fracture. In cases when the bone is broken into several pieces or crushed, that fracture is known as a comminuted one. Kids are the only ones who can experience a bowing fracture. In this case, the bone does not break, it only bends. An open fracture when the broken bone has penetrated the skin.

What happens when a person breaks a bone?

In every case of a bone fracture, a person will experience pain. Some fractures hurt more than others and the pain is usually described as deep and aching. An interesting thing is that in many cases, kids do not even notice that they have broken a bone.When a person experiences a fracture, the whole body will react. Dizziness, wooziness and chills usually accompany the pain. In some cases, people pass out.

When a person experiences a fracture or someone else has, it is important to remain calm. The person should feel as comfortable as possible and an adult should be told. In case there are no adults around, a person can call 911. It is important not to move the broken bone. Apart from causing more pain, a person can only make the injury worse.

What does the doctor do?

First of all, they will determine the exact location of the fracture using an X-ray. In case when the bone was broken into two pieces, a doctor may put in a metal pin or pins. The pins are removed once the bone has healed. After setting the bone, the cast is put on.

How do broken bones heal?

Every person knows that the bones are natural healers and just need time in order to heal properly.

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