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Aching Legs and Sleepless Nights

Many times we get exhausted by ourdaily obligations needing a good night sleep at the end of our busyday. However, many people find out that all the excessive work hastaken its toll on their health since the pain they start feeling intheir legs disallows them to relax, let alone fall asleep. This canbe quite disturbing and may lead to insomnia and many other problems,some more serious than the others. Thus, if you happen to be troubledby leg pain during the night, you are advised to find out the reasonsbehind this ailment and seek proper treatment as soon as possible.Paying your doctor a visit may be an optimal start.

What May Be behind Aching Legs?

Since your legs consist of manydifferent parts, each aching part may have a different cause. Forexample, if your pain in the legs stem from the ankle area, there isa high possibility that you have been straining yourself too much byspending excessive time walking or standing, causing injuries in thisarea. Also, you might have accidentally delivered blows to the ankle,damaging it, this resulting in pain and discomfort you are feeling.Moreover, inflammations like tendonitis, heel bone spur, arthritisand its variants, nerve conditions or poor circulation issues all canbe behind the pain you are experiencing. Even though many otherthings may cause your ankle to ache, fatigue may also be the reason.

Some people experience aching in theirshin area. Unfortunately, this is one of the least pleasant pains all and it can cause one to cease functioning properly due tothe pain. Diabetes may be behind it, as well as nerve trauma orpinching, sciatica, shin splints, direct injury or a simple cold.Additionally, wearing improper footwear may cause this pain, as wellas ankle pain mentioned above. There are more causes, but these arethe most prominent ones.

One of the things which can make youpretty much immobile is a hip pain and problems with this part of yourbody. You may have strained or sprained your hips due to an excessivephysical activity or an injury. Moreover, you might have broken yourhip, you may be suffering from arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis or some jointinfections and various inflammations. The list is long anddiscouraging. Thus, react to hip pain by immediately seekingtreatment.

Also, your thighs might be in painbecause of the probability you might be suffering from arthritis,osteomyelitis, osteosarcoma, septic arthritis, tumors or hernias.These are all quite serous causes and should not be neglected, sincethere are more where these come from.

Finally, you might be feeling leg painin the calf area. This pain is usually caused by a direct injury,overstraining, torn muscle, varicose veins, arterial thrombosis,Baker's cyst or cellulitis.

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