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Baby showers are fun! We love the weird games, the anticipation and excitement about the new baby and of course we love the food most of all! Of course, you can easily get any kind of tasty recipe off the web and know what ingredients you need for any dish in a matter of minutes. But for baby showers, the food the guests are presented with needs to be visually appealing, too! How can your yummy baby shower recipes turn into a feast for the eyes, too? Of course, it's all got to be baby related!

Cakes are the easiest to spice up! Cakes can come in all kinds of wonderful shapes and can look truly fantastic. I think the vast majority of people who throw baby showers buy cakes, rather than making a cake themselves. Still, it helps to have some inspiration! Cakes shaped like diapers, little shoes, breasts (for breastfeeding mothers yes, I've actually seen one of these!) and prams with babies in them. It's quite easy to be creative with sandwiches as well. You can quite easily make sandwiches in the shape of teddy bears, bottles, hearts, or flowers. They look great, and it's entirely up to you what to put in them. For those who don't have time, or can't be bothered, your local sandwich shop will gladly help out!

Fresh fruit, other finger foods like Mexican wraps, and sushi (without the raw fish!) are also great for baby showers. For drinks, alcohol free cocktails are wonderful. Some baby showers I've been to have had colored milk in shots, and it looked really great! Basically, your imagination (oh, and your budget!) determines your limit! Have fun brain storming, and have fun at the baby shower! Do you have any great baby shower food ideas? Please share them with us! For more about baby showers, see baby shower gifts for guests, and ideas for baby shower games!

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